Accroitre les connaissances sur les données de la recherche, sensibiliser à leur importance et favoriser la réflexion autour des problématiques qui y sont liées.


NSF awards fifth round of grants to enhance America’s biodiversity collections

Slime molds, smut fungi, powdery mildew: These are some of the millions of microfungi documented in biological institutions across America. These ubiquitous microscopic organisms play important (...)

23 Things : Libraries for Research Data

An overview of practical, free, online resources and tools that you can begin using today to incorporate research data management into your practice of librarianship. Learning Resources Data (...)

Open Science in Poland 2014. A Diagnosis

English version of the report “Open Science in Poland 2014. A Diagnosis”, prepared by the Open Science Platform team. The aim of the report is to present a comprehensive overview of the current (...)

Current Best Practice for Research Data Management Policies

In 2014, CODATA was commissioned by the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation and the Danish Digital Library to produce a briefing note or report on Current Best Practice for Research Data Management Policies. The full report - written by Simon Hodson and Laura Molloy and including an Executive Summary, Report and Appendices - was completed in May 2014 and is now avaialble from the CODATA collection in Zenodo.

Executive Summary This memo responds to the request by the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC), in partnership with Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF), for a document ‘to provide (...)

DataQ : A collaborative platform for answering research data questions in academic libraries

About DataQ DataQ is a collaborative platform for the community to use to ask and answer questions related to research data support in academic libraries. Library staff from any institution may (...)

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