Accroitre les connaissances sur les données de la recherche, sensibiliser à leur importance et favoriser la réflexion autour des problématiques qui y sont liées.


What Skills Does The Typical Data Scientist Have ?

Every decade has its hottest job opportunities. During the 1980s and early 1990s people were in a rush to apply for investment banking jobs. Then, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it became (...)

Research infrastructures

Décembre 2017, No. 48, No. 49, © OCDE

Strengthening the effectiveness and sustainability of international research infrastructures, No 48 Abstract Research infrastructures are long-term enterprises. They are increasingly diverse in (...)

Co-ordination and support of international research data networks

Décembre 2017, No. 51, © OCDE

Abstract International research data networks are critical for progress in many scientific domains and underpin efforts to promote Open Science. At the same time, many of these networks are (...)

Business models for sustainable research data repositories

Décembre 2017, No. 47, © OCDE

Abstract There is a large variety of repositories that are responsible for providing long term access to data that is used for research. As data volumes and the demands for more open access to (...)

User Requirements and Recommendations for Data Repositories

Data Discovery Paradigms IG

Summary ... This paper presents a work that addresses this data findability problem. By gathering and analysing use cases, we identify a core set of functional requirements for a data repository. (...)

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