Accroitre les connaissances sur les données de la recherche, sensibiliser à leur importance et favoriser la réflexion autour des problématiques qui y sont liées.


Getting to Know You, Part 2 : ORCID’s 2017 Consortia Survey

ORCID’s consortia program was launched in late 2014, with the goal of helping ORCID adoption and integration to scale nationally and regionally. ORCID consortia – groups of five or more (...)

Getting to Know You, Part 1 : ORCID’s 2017 Community Survey

In 2015, we carried out our first community survey, to learn more about you, our members and users, including why and how you were interacting with ORCID. Two years on, our 2017 community survey (...)

Journée Données de la recherche du Conseil scientifique du CNRS

Le 11 octobre 2017, le Conseil scientifique du CNRS a organisé, avec la Direction de l'information scientifique et technique (DIST), une journée sur les Données de la recherche. Les notes prises (...)

New international coalition takes crowd-funding style approach to secure the future of open science

In an effort to strengthen and secure the network of non-commercial services that underpin the burgeoning field of Open Science, a newly-formed coalition of international organisations, including (...)

Survey request on data publishing and use - RDA perspectives requested

... I am representing RDA on the steering committee of a cool project funded by the Arnold Foundation to harmonize policies and practices across Earth and space science publishers, repositories, (...)

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