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Developing Research Data Management Services and Support for Researchers : A Mixed Methods Study

Abstract This mixed method study determined the essential tools and services required for research data management to aid academic researchers in fulfilling emerging funding agency and journal (...)

The Landscape of Open Data Policies

«... One way for a publisher to overcome that barrier for individual journals is to establish data sharing policies that are available to all of their journals. That directly signals that the (...)

Managing Digital Research Objects in an Expanding Science Ecosystem : 2017 Conference Summary

Abstract Digital research objects are packets of information that scientists can use to organize and store their data. There are currently many different methods in use for optimizing digital (...)

How do universities support research data management ?

"Tutorials are intended to support researchers in research data management. We have looked at the services, materials, guidelines, self-study courses and the like that universities offer their (...)

OpenMinTeD : A Platform Facilitating Text Mining of Scholarly Content

Abstract The OpenMinTeD platform aims to bring full text Open Access scholarly content from a wide range of providers together with Text and Data Mining (TDM) tools from various Natural Language (...)

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