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Creating a Community of Data Champions

Abstract Research Data Management (RDM) presents an unusual challenge for service providers in Higher Education. There is increased awareness of the need for training in this area but the nature (...)

Introducing research data services for institutions and funders

In response to the challenges faced by researchers, funders and institutions, we're [Springer-Nature] now offering research data services to help the research community manage and share data. (...)

Taking the journal article to the next level : Taylor & Francis partner with Code Ocean

Taylor & Francis and Code Ocean announce a new partnership that enables researchers to easily share and run code, making journal articles more robust. Readers will enjoy new interactivity where (...)

DataMed – an open source discovery index for finding biomedical datasets

Abstract Objective Finding relevant datasets is important for promoting data reuse in the biomedical domain, but it is challenging given the volume and complexity of biomedical data. Here we (...)

Attitudes of scientists towards data reuse

Attitudes and norms affecting scientists’ data reuse Curty RG, Crowston K, Specht A, Grant BW, Dalton ED (2017), PLoS ONE 12(12): e0189288 Abstract The value of sharing scientific research data is (...)

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