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Identifying Potential Solutions to Increase Discoverability and Reuse of Analog Datasets in Various Campus Locations

Abstract Describing, preserving, and providing access to data is now the purview of many science librarians, although the emphasis has been on data in electronic format. Data in paper or analog (...)

Defining Success in Open Science

Abstract Mounting evidence indicates that worldwide, innovation systems are increasing unsustainable. Equally, concerns about inequities in the science and innovation process, and in access to (...)

Data management made simple

Keeping your research data freely available is crucial for open science — and your funding could depend on it. When Marjorie Etique learnt that she had to create a data-management plan for her (...)

Defining the role of libraries in the Open Science landscape : a reflection on current European practice

Abstract This collaborative paper looks at how libraries can engage with and offer leadership in the Open Science movement. It is based on case studies and the results of an EU-funded research (...)

Data management and sharing in neuroimaging : Practices and perceptions of MRI researchers

Abstract Neuroimaging methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) involve complex data collection and analysis protocols, which necessitate the establishment of good research data management (...)

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