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Research Data Management related-resources in OpenAIRE

During the Open Access week this year, OpenAIRE and FOSTERplus experimented with a new format for the webinar on Research Data Management called “Flip the classroom”: participants have been asked (...)

A Data Management Wizard to enhance the quality of your Data Management Plan

... DTL’s Rob Hooft has developed a Data Management Wizard in collaboration with colleagues from the Czech ELIXIR node. He explains: “The DM Wizard uses a logical flowchart to guide you through a (...)

Key concepts and areas in TDM explained – Part 3 : Recommenders and filtering

One of the things you can do with textmining, is discovering conceptually related items within a collection of text and data. Want to know more? Anas Alzogbi is research assistant and doctoral (...)

Key concepts and areas in TDM explained - Parts 1 and 2

Key concepts and areas in TDM explained – part 1 What are the benefits of text and data mining (TDM) and how can its practices be applied in science? We asked recognised experts in the field to (...)

Pérennisation et communication de l’information numérique

Formation Aristote : “Pérennisation de l'Information Numérique” (PIN) du 4 au 8 décembre 2017 à Paris. ”Comment pérenniser des informations numériques avec des moyens matériels et logiciels dépourvus de (...)

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