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NASIG Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians

Introduction The following Core Competencies for Scholarly Communication Librarians were developed out of research and discussion conducted by the NASIG Scholarly Communication Core Competencies (...)

CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science

The ever-accelerating volume and variety of data being generated is having a huge impact on a wide variety of research disciplines, from the sciences to the humanities. The international, (...)

Data deluge : quelles compétences pour quelles données ?

Le CAPHÉS et le labex TransferS, en partenariat avec les Bibliothèques littéraires de l’ENS, l’ITEM et le Lattice, organisent le 5 octobre prochain un nouvel Atelier Digit_Hum intitulé "Data deluge (...)

Assessing Research Data Management Practices in MRI Research

This survey is part of a research study conducted by Dr. Ana Van Gulick at Carnegie Mellon University and Dr. John Borghi at California Digital Library and is partially funded by Carnegie Mellon (...)

Open science and Scholarship : Changing Your Research Workflow

... Increasingly, funders, publishers and institutions require researchers to work in an Open Science manner. This course offers an introduction in Open Science for researchers of all (...)

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