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Springer Nature launches Open data badges pilot

«Springer Nature has launched a pilot program in which digital Open data badges are being awarded to articles to incentivize and reward open data sharing practices amongst our authors. Researchers (...)

FAIR Data Maturity Model WG Case Statement

La proposition de Groupe de Travail "FAIR data maturity model: Core criteria to assess the implementation level of the FAIR data principles" est ouverte pour commentaires de la communauté RDA. (...)

Data sharing made easier : use Repository Finder to find the right repository for your data

«More and more funders and publishers require research data to be made available in appropriate repositories, but determining which repository to choose or what counts as an “appropriate (...)

Jisc gateway to text and data-mining – status update

« Over the past few months, we have been investigating the opportunities for a possible Jisc-delivered text and data mining (TDM) service and analysing options for how we might do so, initially (...)

58 Organizations Gather to Workshop a Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools

«Last month, 86 people from 58 different organizations gathered in Berkeley, CA and remotely to attend the first workshop convened by the Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools. The Joint Roadmap (...)

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