Projets et initiatives

Cambridge University Press and Code Ocean partner to increase transparency and code executability

«Cambridge University Press (the Press), one of the world’s leading University Presses, has partnered with Code Ocean, a platform that enables authors of articles in Press journals to publish and (...)

Huma-Num met à disposition deux nouveaux outils pour l’analyse qualitative et quantitative de données : MaxQDA et Sphinx

La TGIR Huma-Num mutualise des outils de traitement de données, dont on trouvera la liste sur, soit sous la forme de logiciels à installer sur son (...)

Project to monitor open science kicked off

CWTS participates in a new project to stimulate and monitor the development of open science and scholarship. The project "Open sciece: Monitoring trends and drivers" celebrated its kick off (...)

Text and Data Mining for Better Microbiology

As part of the OpenMinTeD project, INRA has been working on a text mining application dedicated to food microbiology. This infographic will tell you the story. They can make food last longer, (...)

Elsevier launches Mendeley Data to manage entire lifecycle of research data

Elsevier, the information analytics business specializing in science and health, has launched Mendeley Data, a new, cloud-based platform designed to help universities and researchers manage, (...)

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