Projets et initiatives

Nekton’s Launch of First Open-sourced Global Ocean Data Portal

« OCTOPUS (The Ocean Tool for Public Understanding and Science) launched today by Nekton to begin a new era of collaborative marine research and improved ocean governance. OCTOPUS provides a (...)

Open Science Projects Collaborate on Joint Roadmap

« A group of organizations building nonprofit, open-source tools for scholarship and publication has joined with open-science researchers in a new collaboration to develop a Joint Roadmap for Open (...)

eInfraCentral – Helping users discover and access Europe’s e-infrastructure services

« eInfraCentral brings researchers the catalogue of various European e-services. The beta version of the eInfraCentral gateway is available for browsing without registration: (...)

EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance get together to support Open Science and the European Open Science Cloud initiative

« Two flagship EC initiatives, OpenAIRE-Advance and EOSC-hub open a new exciting chapter in their collaboration with the signing of their collaboration agreement on Monday, 30 April 2018. The (...)

ARTiFACTS and Blockchain in Healthcare Today Partner to Expand Use of Blockchain in Scholarly Publishing

« ARTiFACTS, creator of the world's first blockchain-based platform for scholarly research, and Blockchain in Healthcare Today, the premier open access, peer review journal focused on the use of (...)

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