Projets et initiatives

Advancing data publishing : California Digital Library & Dryad announce partnership

« University of California's California Digital Library (CDL) and Dryad Digital Repository are formally partnering to address researcher needs and lead an open, community-supported initiative in (...)

Mise en place d’un noeud national RDA France

« Dans le cadre du projet européen RDA Europe 4.0, qui a démarré le 1er mars 2018, le CNRS a la charge de développer le noeud national RDA, en menant les activités suivantes : Création, (...)

Cultural Heritage as Linked Open Data - Pilot Project for the Census

« A new project of the TELOTA initiative at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities in cooperation with the Census team aims at the technological development of the Census (...)

The RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange

« The RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) WG is a follow-up group from the RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services WG. The group was endorsed by the both the RDA and the scientific committee of (...)

Data curation becomes shared endeavor

« Backed by a $526,438 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the U-M Library and seven other academic libraries will launch the Data Curation Network. The network helps institutions better (...)

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