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FOSTER Plus : How libraries can foster the change to Open Science

« Training courses, training materials and incentives play an important role in the promotion of open science. In this interview, Helene Brinken from the Göttingen State and University Library (...)

24 organisations urge Rapporteur Axel Voss MEP to strike a more ambitious deal on TDM

« We, representatives of universities, large and small technology companies, telecommunications and Internet service providers, startups and scaleups, libraries, open access publishers, (...)

EOSC Consultation Platform launched during EOSC Summit 2018

« During the 2nd EOSC Summit held in Brussels today, 11 June 2018, the High Level Expert Group together with the EOSCpilot Project launched the EOSC Stakeholders Open Consultation. The aim of the (...)

Lancement de la version bêta de Navigae

« À propos Navigae est une plateforme de recherche permettant de consulter des données issues de travaux en géographie. Réalisation du Centre IST Regards de l’UMR Passages, cette plateforme a été (...)

Advancing data publishing : California Digital Library & Dryad announce partnership

« University of California's California Digital Library (CDL) and Dryad Digital Repository are formally partnering to address researcher needs and lead an open, community-supported initiative in (...)

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