Projets et initiatives


Development Project of the Research Data Infrastructure at University of Helsinki What? University of Helsinki is updating its research data infrastructure to provide tools and services for (...)

APA Journals Program Collaborates with Center for Open Science to Advance Open Science Practices in Psychological Research

The American Psychological Association, the nonprofit publisher of 90 psychology journals, has entered a partnership with the Center for Open Science to offer open science badges to authors, (...)

Cat OPIDoR, wiki où trouver des services dédiés aux données de la recherche

Catalogue pour une Optimisation du Partage et de l’Interopérabilité des Données de Recherche : un catalogue pointant vers les services dédiés à la gestion des données de recherche en France et à (...)

A call for contributions to the report of the FAIR Data Expert Group

This repo is to facilitate a call for contributions to the report that the Horizon 2020 Commission Expert Group on Turning FAIR Data into Reality (E03464) is compiling for the European (...)

Toward an Open Science Enterprise

Wide access to scientific research results has proven to be an important tool for accelerating scientific progress. An ad hoc committee under the Board on Research Data and Information (BRDI) (...)

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