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International Coordination for Science Data Infrastructure : Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief

Description Advances in science and technology have led to the creation of large amounts of data—data that could be harnessed to improve productivity, cure disease, and address many other critical (...)

New KE report : ’Moving from ambition : An account of the Knowledge Exchange workshop on Open Scholarship, Paris 2017

We have published a new report Moving from ambition to reality: An account of the Knowledge Exchange workshop on Open Scholarship, Paris 2017, and a menu for possible actions for 2018 and beyond. (...)

RDA EU call for action : European Data Economy must focus on interoperability

Summary of recommendations and Calls for Action Data localisation restrictions are a too narrow focus for building a Data Economy - instead, interoperability on all levels should be (...)

Évaluation intermédiaire du programme « Horizon 2020 » : maximiser l’impact de la recherche et de l’innovation européennes

1. INTRODUCTION La recherche et l’innovation (R&I) jouent un rôle fondamental pour étayer le modèle socio-économique et les valeurs de l’Europe, ainsi que sa compétitivité à l’échelle (...)

Progress towards the European Open Science Cloud

In order to take a step closer towards the realisation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Germany and the Netherlands are setting up an international office to support the GO FAIR (...)

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