200.000 deposits at the Biodiversity Literature Repository !

The wealth of data encapsulated in scientific publications is a well-guarded secret. The recent discussions around Open Access are centered around open access to the articles, and thus little (...)

Envisioning the Data Science Discipline | The Undergraduate Perspective : Interim Report

Description The need to manage, analyze, and extract knowledge from data is pervasive across industry, government, and academia. Scientists, engineers, and executives routinely encounter enormous (...)

Data management and sharing in neuroimaging : Practices and perceptions of MRI researchers

Abstract Neuroimaging methods such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) involve complex data collection and analysis protocols, which necessitate the establishment of good research data management (...)

Preliminary analysis : Introduction of FAIR data in Denmark

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education has commissioned Oxford Research and Højbjerre Brauer Schultz to carry out a preliminary analysis of the potential for implementing FAIR data in (...)


FAIRsharing (anciennement BioSharing) est un portail Web donnant accès à trois répertoires interconnectés — normes et standards, bases de données et politiques sur les données — ainsi qu'une vue (...)

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