Le réseau Portage publie un livre blanc sur la préservation des données de recherche au Canada

« Le réseau Portage vient de publier un livre blanc intitulé « la préservation des données de recherche au Canada », qui a été rédigé par les membres du Groupe d’experts sur la préservation de Portage (...)

Survey of Swedish Research Council memberships in international research infrastructure organisations

« Product Description The Swedish Research Council is responsible for supporting research infrastructures of national interest within all fields of science. This report focuses on the benefits of (...)

Data sharing in PLOS ONE : An analysis of Data Availability Statements

Abstract A number of publishers and funders, including PLOS, have recently adopted policies requiring researchers to share the data underlying their results and publications. Such policies help (...)

Open and Inclusive Collaboration in Science : a Framework

ABSTRACT Open science can be variously defined. In some communities it is related principally to open access to scientific publications, for others it includes open access to research data and (...)

Why the proposed Text and Data Mining exception is not what EU copyright law needs

« Introduction The Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (the Proposal) contains a number of provisions intended to modernise EU copyright law and to make it “fit for (...)

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