GODAN Donor Open Data Policy and Practice : comparing Open Data Policies and putting Common Policy into practice

«The Open Data Institute (ODI) defines “open data” as “data anyone can access, use or share.” The ODI and Global OpenData for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) believe that creation of a shared open (...)

MERIL-2 Project Launches Tool for Mapping Research Infrastructure in Europe

«Today the European Commission MERIL-2 project introduced a new Data Visualization tool that allows users to discover all of the European research infrastructures in the MERIL database (...)

Developing Research Data Management Services and Support for Researchers : A Mixed Methods Study

Abstract This mixed method study determined the essential tools and services required for research data management to aid academic researchers in fulfilling emerging funding agency and journal (...)

The Landscape of Open Data Policies

«... One way for a publisher to overcome that barrier for individual journals is to establish data sharing policies that are available to all of their journals. That directly signals that the (...)

Vers une culture de la donnée en SHS

«Résumé ... Notre étude Vers une culture de la donnéeen SHS souhaite contribuer à la mise en œuvre de l’écosystème de la science ouverte sur le terrain d’un campus universitaire. L’étude a été (...)

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