Text and data mining : a new service for libraries ?

Text and data mining (TDM), the automated analysis of digital data searching for trends, correlations and patterns, is rapidly gaining prominence due to exponentially increasing amounts of (...)

re3data.org : Registry of Research Data Repositories

Re3data launched at the tail end of 2012 with the goal of registering all research data repositories. These research data repositories are collections of datasets usually associated with a (...)

Funder Data-Sharing Policies : Overview and Recommendations

This report covers funder data-sharing policies/practices, and provides recommendations to funders and others as they consider their own policies. It was commissioned by Robert Wood Johnson (...)

Research Data Australia Content Providers Guide

This guide provides advice on how to encode RIF-CS metadata records to describe datasets (collections), researchers and research groups (parties), projects (activities) and tools (services) for (...)

How TDM can unlock a goldmine of information

From September 6th– September 8th, over 200 people with an interest in open science came together in Athens for the Open Science Fair. OpenMinTeD was one of the co-organisers, and also organised (...)

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