OpenAIRE Webinar : Results survey on H2020 DMP template

In Summer 2017, OpenAIRE and the FAIR data expert group ran a survey on the European Commission’s approach to Data Management Plans and the FAIR guidelines on data management. In this webinar (...)

Special Focus on Biomedical Data Science

Editorial Biomedical informatics and data science : evolving fields with significant overlap ... The 8 papers in this JAMIA special issue illustrate methods and motivations, data and (...)

DataMed – an open source discovery index for finding biomedical datasets

Abstract Objective Finding relevant datasets is important for promoting data reuse in the biomedical domain, but it is challenging given the volume and complexity of biomedical data. Here we (...)

Attitudes of scientists towards data reuse

Attitudes and norms affecting scientists’ data reuse Curty RG, Crowston K, Specht A, Grant BW, Dalton ED (2017), PLoS ONE 12(12): e0189288 Abstract The value of sharing scientific research data is (...)

Part Three : Incentives for Building University RDM Services

In this third report in the series, Incentives for Building University RDM Services, the authors explore the incentives that inspired the acquisition of RDM capacity on the part of the four (...)

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