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MLE on Open Science - Altmetrics and Rewards : Thematic Report No 4

Implementing Open Science: Strategies, Experiences and Models | 17 January 2018 This report proposes a National Roadmap for the Implementation of Open Science, listing the steps involved in the (...)

OpenAIRE Webinar : Results survey on H2020 DMP template

In Summer 2017, OpenAIRE and the FAIR data expert group ran a survey on the European Commission’s approach to Data Management Plans and the FAIR guidelines on data management. In this webinar (...)

Part Three : Incentives for Building University RDM Services

In this third report in the series, Incentives for Building University RDM Services, the authors explore the incentives that inspired the acquisition of RDM capacity on the part of the four (...)

Should Universities Outsource More Core Research Infrastructure ?

Research universities have developed in symbiosis with a robust set of commercial providers that serve their needs. From food service providers to run dining halls to private equity firms to (...)

Expert tour guide on Data Management

This tour guide by CESSDA ERIC (the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives European Infrastructure Consortium) aims to put social scientists like yourself at the heart of making (...)

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