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A snapshot of UK research infrastructures

The UK’s excellence in research and innovation is in part built on an extensive, dynamic and highly interdisciplinary landscape of world-class research infrastructures. Research infrastructures (...)

Réaliser un plan de gestion de données « FAIR » : guide de rédaction

Ce document a pour vocation d’accompagner les chercheurs et chargés de projets dans la rédaction de plans de gestion de données de la recherche (Data Management Plans, DMP). La structure proposée (...)

Open Data Protection | Study on legal barriers to open data sharing – Data Protection and PSI

Abstract This study analyses legal barriers to data sharing in the context of the Open Research Data Pilot, which the European Commission is running within its research framework programme (...)

Science Europe Guidance Document Presenting a Framework for Discipline-specific Research Data Management

Introduction To improve research data management (RDM), Research Funding Organisations and Research Performing Organisations increasingly require researchers to develop a Data Management Plan (...)

GOSH Roadmap : launching a revolution in access to scientific tools

Over 100 researchers, engineers, educators, entrepreneurs and community organizers from 30 countries have published a report describing the steps for providing global access to scientific (...)

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