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GODAN Donor Open Data Policy and Practice : comparing Open Data Policies and putting Common Policy into practice

«The Open Data Institute (ODI) defines “open data” as “data anyone can access, use or share.” The ODI and Global OpenData for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) believe that creation of a shared open (...)

Vers une culture de la donnée en SHS

«Résumé ... Notre étude Vers une culture de la donnéeen SHS souhaite contribuer à la mise en œuvre de l’écosystème de la science ouverte sur le terrain d’un campus universitaire. L’étude a été (...)

Foundations for Open Scholarship Strategy Development

"1. Purpose of this Document ... The purpose of this document is to provide a concise analysis of where the global Open Scholarship movement currently stands: what the common threads and (...)

RDA for the social sciences

"The Research Data Alliance (RDA) currently hosts over 60 Interest Groups and more than 30 Working Groups consisting of experts who are working on various topics related to (open) research data (...)

GODAN Report “Open Access & Open Data at PUSH Universities”

« A Global Open Data for Agriculture (GODAN) partner report "Open Access and Open Data at PUSH Universities", was published by Presidents United to Solve Hunger (PUSH), a GODAN partner led by (...)

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