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Digital Humanities Curation Guide

About this site What is this? The DH Curation Guide is a compilation of articles that address aspects of data curation in the digital humanities. The goal of the DH Curation Guide is to direct (...)

Inter-University Consortium for Political et Social Research

About ICPSR An international consortium of about 700 academic institutions and research organizations, ICPSR provides leadership and training in data access, curation, and methods of analysis for (...)

University of California Curation Center

UC3 helps researchers and the UC libraries manage, preserve, and provide access to their important digital assets. About UC3 UC3 is a creative partnership bringing together the expertise and (...)

Open Knowledge Definition

About Introduction The Open Knowledge Definition (OKD) provides an answer to the question: what is open knowledge? It puts forward, in a simple and clear manner, principles that define open (...)


WebCite®, which used to be a member of member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium, is an on-demand archiving system for webreferences (cited webpages and websites, or other kinds (...)

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