Normes, formats et protocoles

DOI® System

DOI® Handbook (excerpts) 1.6.1 The DOI system concept DOI is an acronym for "digital object identifier", meaning a "digital identifier of an object". A DOI name is an identifier (not a location) (...)

Science DMZ Model

A Scalable Network Design Model for Optimizing Science Data Transfers The Science DMZ is a portion of the network, built at or near the campus or laboratory's local network perimeter that is (...)

A Catalogue of Standards

The BioSharing catalogue aims to centralize community-developed bioscience standards, linking to policies, other portals (e.g. 6,7,8), open access resources (e.g. 9,10) and lists of tools and (...)


Investigation/Study/Assay (ISA) infrastructure is the first general-purpose format and freely available desktop software suite targeted to experimentalists, curators and developers and that: (...)

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