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Getting to Know You, Part 2 : ORCID’s 2017 Consortia Survey

ORCID’s consortia program was launched in late 2014, with the goal of helping ORCID adoption and integration to scale nationally and regionally. ORCID consortia – groups of five or more (...)

Getting to Know You, Part 1 : ORCID’s 2017 Community Survey

In 2015, we carried out our first community survey, to learn more about you, our members and users, including why and how you were interacting with ORCID. Two years on, our 2017 community survey (...)

Announcing DataCite DOI Fabrica

Today DataCite is launching DOI Fabrica, the next generation of DataCite’s DOI registration service, replacing the Metadata Store (MDS). This is the biggest and most important product release (...)

The ICSU World Data System (WDS) and the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) are pleased to announce the launch of a new certification organization : CoreTrustSeal.

CoreTrustSeal offers to any interested data repository a core level certification based on the DSA-WDS Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements catalogue and procedures. This universal (...)

ISNI Organizations Registry - Identifying Organizations in the Scholarly Supply Chain

The ISNI International Agency Ltd (ISNI-IA) today announces changes to its infrastructure focused on providing open identifiers for organizations working in the field of scholarly communications. (...)

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