Normes, formats et protocoles

Open standards for data : adoption, approaches and impact

Open standards are important to our data infrastructure. To mark the launch of new research, researchers Edafe Onerhime and Rose Rees-Jones share their findings on how people approach developing (...)

Innover pour redécouvrir le patrimoine écrit

Innover pour redécouvrir le patrimoine écrit sera le thème de l’événement organisé par Biblissima, observatoire du patrimoine écrit du Moyen Âge et de la Renaissance, le jeudi 15 mars 2018 : la matinée (...)

Library Groups Announce Partnership to Establish ORCID US Community

LYRASIS, a member-based nonprofit organization serving libraries, archives, and museums, is proud to announce a partnership with the NorthEast Research Libraries, the Greater Western Library (...)

ORCID in ORBIT : Building Information Infrastructure with Research Funders

... Engagement by the funding community has steadily increased, with functionality to connect funding to ORCID, announcements by some funders of policies requiring ORCID, as well as participation (...)

User Requirements and Recommendations for Data Repositories

Summary ... This paper presents a work that addresses this data findability problem. By gathering and analysing use cases, we identify a core set of functional requirements for a data repository. (...)

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