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ORCID in ORBIT : Building Information Infrastructure with Research Funders

... Engagement by the funding community has steadily increased, with functionality to connect funding to ORCID, announcements by some funders of policies requiring ORCID, as well as participation (...)

User Requirements and Recommendations for Data Repositories

Summary ... This paper presents a work that addresses this data findability problem. By gathering and analysing use cases, we identify a core set of functional requirements for a data repository. (...)

Getting to Know You, Part 2 : ORCID’s 2017 Consortia Survey

ORCID’s consortia program was launched in late 2014, with the goal of helping ORCID adoption and integration to scale nationally and regionally. ORCID consortia – groups of five or more (...)

Getting to Know You, Part 1 : ORCID’s 2017 Community Survey

In 2015, we carried out our first community survey, to learn more about you, our members and users, including why and how you were interacting with ORCID. Two years on, our 2017 community survey (...)

Recommendations for Implementing a Virtual Layer for Management of the Complete Life Cycle of Scientific Data

Summary We are at a tipping point in the development of a common conceptual framework and set of tools and components which will revolutionize the management of scientific data. It is widely (...)

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