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13th International Conference on Open Repositories

Bozeman, Montana, États-Unis
Montana State University

The 13th International Conference on Open Repositories, OR2018, will be held on June 4th-7th, 2018 in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Call for papers

Research and Cultural Heritage communities have embraced the idea of Open ; open communities, open source software, open data, scholarly communications, and open access publications and collections. These projects and communities require different modes of thinking and resourcing than purchasing vended products. While open may be the way forward, mitigating fatigue, finding sustainable funding, and building flexible digital repository platforms is something most of us are striving for. Submissions this year should focus on the how, why, and what it will take to make open sustainable.

While not limited to the below topics, we’re focusing our attention on issues around the sustainability of :

  • Open source software – sustainability of software developed locally and large open source systems, legacy code
  • Community – reaching out to new audiences, developing a community, governance
  • Content – research data, digital preservation, persistent urls, archiving
  • Teams/People – staff and knowledge within the community, contingency planning, training and development, and succession planning
  • Projects – sustainability of projects beyond the grant, maturing communities
  • Infrastructure/Integrations – integrations between systems, changing technical environments
  • Policy – national, international, local and community policy and decisions
  • Challenges of sustainability – funding, local, technical, community
  • Rights and Copyright – including Data Protection, sharing and storing of content
  • Reuse, standards, and reproducibility – for example : software, data, content types
  • New open technologies and standards


The full program


Journées « plateformes »

Lyon, France
INSA Amphithéâtre Gaston Berger
69622 Villeurbanne cedex France

Les laboratoires LIMOS, LIRIS, le GdR MaDICS (Masses de Données, Informations et Connaissances en Science) et le CC-IN2P3 organisent les journées « plateformes » à Lyon les 7 et 8 juin 2018.

Ces journées sont l’occasion de rencontres entre acteurs académiques et industriels, que nous avons le plaisir de réunir afin d’échanger sur les processus de traitement de masses de données scientifiques ainsi que les infrastructures de calcul et de stockage.

Des retours d’expériences dessineront le paysage actuel, mais l’objectif sera également de nourrir une réflexion sur les évolutions scientifiques, techniques et environnementales de ces plateformes face aux enjeux que représente l’augmentation massive des données collectées.

Inscriptions jusqu’au 30 mai 2018.