Workshop Applying bioinformatics and data science competency frameworks to ELIXIR Training

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
Amsterdam Science Park Congress Centre
Science Park 123


Much work is currently being done in developing and applying competency frameworks, both in bioinformatics and in data science.

In the context of ELIXIR Training, we aim to build on the existing expertise in this area and, together with the training stakeholders, to derive a proper implementation strategy.
This international workshop will bring together individuals from organisations and projects who have expertise in defining and in applying competency bioinformatics and data science frameworks in their own organisations.

In a series of interactive sessions, we will build on the existing knowledge and work towards the following workshop goals :

  • Identify competency frameworks that are relevant to the ELIXIR user community and learn about successful implementation examples of these frameworks
  • Further define the relevant “personas” we are targeting with (ELIXIR) training
  • Extract from the existing work a set of core competencies and seats of KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) that can subsequently be used :
    to map courses in TeSS, the ELIXIR Training Portal
    to build a curriculum for a one-week Advanced Bioinformatics Workshop (which will be part of the CODATA RDA Research Data Science Summer school series)
    to set the first steps towards defining routes through a specific set of courses (learning paths)