CRIS2018 : FAIRness of research information

Umeå, Suède
Umeå University,

CRIS 2018 is the fourteenth edition in a biennial series of conferences devoted to improving the availability of and access to research information across Europe. The target audience includes managers of research-performing and/or funding institutions, evaluators, librarians, ICT experts, as well as policy makers. euroCRIS is a non-profit professional association ofCRIS experts and custodian of the Common European Research Information Format (CERIF).


Call for papers


Conference contributions will be organized in three tracks :

I FAIR communication, sharing and profiling of research

Contributions on best practices, technologies and case studies concerning the promotion of discoverability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of research and its products, as well as the promotion and facilitation of research information exchange and the creation of research information infrastructures on various levels, be it institutional, national or international. Special attention may be given to the role of CRIS and CRIS-based e-infrastructures in creating an international and multifunctional “FAIR” research information layer, a.o.t. underpinning research data infrastructures (like e.g. the EOSC). Linked to this : the role of standards in optimizing research communication and exchange.

II. Measuring research, its quality and impact

Contributions on best practices, case studies, operational solutions and future trends in benchmarking, evaluation and assessment of research and research impact ; including policy directions, technology developments and emerging standards. This also includes the need for and approaches towards quality and reliability of research information.

III. Advances in research information technology :

Contributions on advanced information and communication technologies to improve research information quality, availability and exchange, including database, process and workflow, user interface or Cloud-based technologies. With special attention to CERIF and CRIS-related technologies and developments.


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