Data Science Platforms Seen as Difference-Makers

Publié le 26 janvier 2017, par Thérèse Hameau

How will data scientists work in the future ? Based on today’s trends and a new survey by Forrester, it seems likely that much of the work that data scientists do will revolve around centralized platforms that help to organize not just the data and the tools, but data scientists themselves.

The idea of a data science platform is not exactly new in the big data community, but neither is it widespread. A handful of companies in the space are beginning to advertise their wares as “data science platforms” that can centralize the tools and processes needed to integrate and explore data, develop and deploy advanced analytic models, and to streamline communication and collaboration among principals—all while adhering to security and governance principles.

One of these vendors, the aptly named Los Angeles-based firm DataScience, recently teamed up with Forrester to explore the use of big data analytics and data science platforms in greater depth. In particular, Forrester sought to quantify the impact that data science platforms have on the organizations that use them, and whether the use of more advanced and centralized platforms translates into better business results.


Data Science Platforms Help Companies Turn Data Into Business Value