Open Scholarship Early and Often

22 mars 2017 - Baltimore, États-Unis

Publié le 13 octobre 2016, par Thérèse Hameau

It is gratifying to see the growing number of academic institutions and private and public funding sources that now require open or public access to sponsored research publications and data. The library community has played an integral role throughout nearly two decades of advocacy work around open scholarship and it takes pride in these significant outcomes. However, the community recognizes that the tools, infrastructure, and services within higher education to support open scholarship have not kept pace with policy mandates. Now is the time to promote openness earlier and often throughout the research process by developing open workflow tools and by using open infrastructures.

During this active community-driven conversation, offered on Wednesday, March 22, in conjunction with the ACRL 2017 Conference by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL)/Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Institute on Scholarly Communication, participants will explore ways in which open infrastructure and open workflow tools can support the creation, preservation, and dissemination of open content (including scholarship, data, and educational resources).