Research Data Repository Interoperability

Publié le 20 mai 2016, par Thérèse Hameau

The initial idea of establishing this working group was presented during P6 in Paris in the Repository Platforms for Research Data IG session. Shortly after P6 a telephone conference was carried out with the conclusion to prepare a case statement and to finalize it during a BoF session at P7. The initial co-chairs are David Wilcox and Thomas Jejkal. Contacts to potential co-chairs from Asia were already made during P6 and will be finalized during P7.


The Research Data Repository Interoperability Working Group will establish standards for interoperability between different research data repository platforms focusing on machine-machine communication. These standards may include (but are not limited to) a generic API specification and import/export formats summarized in a document serving as an implementation guide for adoption. The scope of this document and all the WG’s activities will be defined by the following list of initial use cases :

  • Migration/Replication of a Digital Object between research data repository platforms
    • Platform, data model and/or version may differ between source and destination
  • Retrieval of information related to the platform and/or its contents
    • E.g. to register the system in a (repository) registry or to harvest contents



D1. Research Data Repository Interoperability Primer (M6) : This document describes targeted use cases, needed functionalities, as well as existing technologies and their feasibility for adoption. Gaps not covered by existing technologies are also described in this document.

D2. Interface Specification Draft (M12) : A first draft document of the final specification. The document gives a basic overview of functionalities, exchange formats and intended behavior targeted by the WG to cover the defined use cases. This document will be the basis for finding a consensus between all WG members.

D3. Interface Specification (M18) : This specification represents a consensus of all partners regarding an interoperable repository interface. It describes all functionalities provided by this interface including exchange formats and the expected behavior of a repository platform implementing the interface. This document serves as guideline for adopting the results of this working group.