Deux enquêtes à propos des données de la recherche

Publié le 31 mars 2016, par Thérèse Hameau

  1. Primary Research Group, Inc. ( is surveying research oriented academic and other research libraries about their data curation practices. We invite you to participate in our survey by filling out the survey form in exchange for a free pdf copy of the report when it is published. Your institution will be listed as a contributor but all the information that you provide is absolutely confidential ; all data is amalgamated in a statistical package ; no data is presented for individual institutions. To take the survey follow the link below :
  1. We are writing in order to invite you to take part in the Research Data Management Readiness survey (, that has been compiled as part of the LEARN (LEaders Activating Research Networks) Project ( funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
    The survey is addressed to research institutions such as yours that are currently facing the challenges of research data management (RDM) whether or not you have developed a strategy and/or policy. The survey reviews the existence of a policy as well as the establishment of services to help researchers in the management of their data. It also questions the existence of infrastructures and models of cost at your institution. Moreover, the survey remarks on the need for the creation of new roles and the organization of training sessions in order to build awareness and to steward researchers with their data. As a result, the hope is that it will allow you to assess the level of readiness your institution towards research data management, diagnose your current situation and be able to identify gaps and areas for further action.