The Future Directions of RDA

Publié le 19 février 2016, par Thérèse Hameau

To be adaptive to an ever-changing data and research landscape, RDA seeks to be an agile organisation responding to change whle continually planning for an impactful future. As per the RDA Governance Document, Strategic Planning and the development of the RDA Strategic Plan is the responsibility of Council, but it is critical that the broader RDA community engage in the discussion, development, and implementation of RDA’s future directions.


Over the last nine or ten months a small, dedicated team has led an extensive community consultation activity to plan the Future Directions of RDA. This resulted in a short document describing 15 major actions in areas of Communications, Engagement, and Coordination. The document defines roles for the membership and RDA’s various governing bodies in implementing these actions. The RDA Council has the responsibility for the future direction of RDA, and they just approved the final document. The final document and background materials are available at the RDA Future Directions website.