5th International Workshop On Mining Scientific Publications

22 et 23 juin 2016 - Newark, États-Unis

Publié le 17 février 2016, par Thérèse Hameau

Digital libraries that store scientific publications are becoming increasingly central to the research process. They are not only used for traditional tasks, such as finding and storing research outputs, but also as a source for discovering new research trends or evaluating research excellence. With the current growth of scientific publications deposited in digital libraries, it is no longer sufficient to provide only access to content. To aid research, it is especially important to leverage the potential of text and data mining technologies to improve the process of how research is being done.

This workshop aims to bring together people from different backgrounds who : (a) are interested in analysing and mining databases of scientific publications, (b) develop systems that enable such analysis and mining of scientific databases (especially those who run databases of publications) or (c) who develop novel technologies that improve the way research is being done.

The topics of the workshop will be organised around thefollowing themes :

  1. The whole ecosystem of infrastructures including repositories, aggregators, text-and data-mining facilities, impact monitoring tools, datasets, services and APIs that enable analysis of large volumes of scientific publications.
  2. Semantic enrichment of scientific publications by means of text and data mining, crowdsourcing or other methods.
  3. Analysis of large databases of scientific publications to identify research trends, high impact, cross-fertilisation between disciplines, research excellence etc.


Important dates

April 17th — Submission deadline

May 15th — Notification of acceptance

June 15th — Camera-ready

June 22nd (afternoon)-June 23rd (morning) — Workshop


Held in conjuction with JCDL 2016.

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