How and why you should manage your research data : a guide for researchers

Janvier 2016 - Caroline Ingram - JISC

Publié le 1er février 2016, par Thérèse Hameau


This guide provides an introduction to engaging with research data management processes.

It will be of interest to university researchers and research data management support staff, including those who are responsible for giving advice to researchers on the storage, management, publication and archiving of research data.

What is research data management ?

’Research data management’ is simply the effective handling of information that is created in the course of research.

Managing research data is usually an integral part of the research process, so you probably already do it. This is demonstrated further by the familiarity of most of the activities involved : naming files so you can find them quickly ; keeping track of different versions, and deleting those not needed ; backing up valuable data and controlling who has access to your data.


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