Digital Research Data Sharing and Management / Task Force on Data Policies Committee on Strategy and Budget National Science Board

14 Decembre 2011

Publié le 4 janvier 2012, par Thérèse Hameau


Recognizing that the proliferation of digital research data has significant policy implications, the National Science Board (Board) Committee on Strategy and Budget established the Task Force on Data Policies to lead a broad examination on how research data collected with NSF funding are shared and managed to ensure broad, timely, and long-term availability to the research community. Developing NSF policies to promote effective management of, and broad access to, digital research data is in the national interest and warrants careful examination by NSF. Such policies should be informed by past and ongoing efforts by the Board, NSF, and other organizations in this area and provide the flexibility to effectively and efficiently accommodate future digital research data needs.

The Board is committed to the development, implementation, and assessment of policies that promote efficient management of, and broad access to, digital research data that result from NSF-funded activities. This commitment includes sharing of results, data, physical collections, and other supporting materials created or gathered in the course of NSF-funded research. Policies that ensure efficient management and broad access are critically important to NSF as it carries out its mission to promote the progress of science and engineering. The Board, in taking up this topic, strongly encourages NSF to seize the opportunity to exercise national and international leadership to promote sharing and management of digital research data for the benefit of the science and engineering community and society.


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