Researchers and Their Data - Results of an Austrian Survey

Report 2015

Publié le 17 décembre 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

Executive Summary


This report provides an overview of the Austria-wide survey for research data, which was carried out within the framework of the project e-Infrastructures Austria at the beginning of 2015. This survey was directed at the arts, humanities and sciences staff of all 21 public universities and three extramural research institutions in Austria.

The participants were asked about the following topics :

  • Data types and formats
  • Data archiving, backup and loss
  • Ethical and legal aspects
  • Accessibility and subsequent use
  • Infrastructure and services

This first inquiry conducted at a national level in this context, facilitates the collection of methods for the practical handling of research data in Austria, and is therefore the basis (1) for an on-going effort to optimize infrastructure, (2) for an adaptation of the services provided, as well as (3) for a reorientation of the identification method for resources in this strategic area, which correspond to the expressed needs of people in the research process.

Le rapport