Two new RDA Recommendations open for comment

Publié le 6 novembre 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

Data Citation Recommendation

centers to identify and cite data used in experiments and studies. Instead of providing static data exports or textual descriptions of data subsets, we support a dynamic, query centric view of data sets. The proposed solution enables precise identification of the very subset and version of data used, supporting reproducibility of processes, sharing and reuse of data.

The attached recommendation gives a set of 14 clear rules that, if you follow, you make your dynamic data citable.

This recommendation is open for comment until at least the beginning of december.

DSA-WDS Partnership for Certification WG Recommendations

The DSA and WDS group on certification of repositories has produced a two-part recommendation.
The first part is on common procedures for certification.
The second part is on common requirements for certification.

The group asks you to please comment as they hope to be able to still further improve these outcomes.

Commenting will be open at least until december.