ORCID launches Auto-Update functionality in collaboration with Crossref and DataCite

Publié le 28 octobre 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

Since ORCID’s inception, our key goal has been to unambiguously identify researchers and provide tools to automate the connection between researchers and their creative works. We are taking a big step towards achieving this goal today, with the launch of Auto-Update functionality in collaboration with Crossref and DataCite.


So why all the fuss ? We think Auto-Update will transform the way researchers manage their scholarly record. Until now, researchers have had to manually maintain their record, connecting new activities as they are made public. In ORCID, that meant using Search & Link tools developed by our member organizations to claim works manually. Researchers frequently ask, “Why, if I include my ORCID iD when I submit a manuscript or dataset, isn’t my ORCID record “automagically” updated when the work is published ?”

With the launch of Auto-Update, that is just what will happen.

It might seem like magic but there are a few steps to make it work :

  • Researchers. You need to do two things : (1) use your ORCID iD when submitting a paper or dataset, and (2) authorize Crossref and DataCite to update your ORCID record. In keeping with our commitment to ensuring that researchers maintain full control of their ORCID record, you may revoke this permission at any time, and may also choose privacy settings for the information posted on your record.
  • Publishers and data centers. These organizations also have two things to do : (1) collect ORCID identifiers during the submission workflow, using a process that involves authentication (not a type-in field !), and (2) embed the iD in the published paper and include the iD when submitting information to Crossref or DataCite.
  • Crossref and DataCite. Upon receipt of data from a publisher or data center with a valid identifier, Crossref or DataCite can automatically push that information to the researcher’s ORCID record.