Special issue on “Data Sharing, Data Publication and Data Citation.”

Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communications, Volume 3 - Issue 2, 22 sep 2015

Publié le 25 septembre 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

Editorial : Mapping the Landscape of Research Data : How JLSC Contributors View this Rapidly Emerging Terrain by Gail Clement and Lisa Schiff

We invited librarians engaged in research data support, and specifically data sharing, to describe their vision and experience in order to paint a picture of this new ecosystem. And contribute they did. The fifteen papers published in this issue cover many of the components of research data knowledge infrastructure defined by Edwards et al. and Borgman. Perhaps more remarkably, all of the research papers submitted to this issue are accompanied by the underlying data either as supplements to the article or as cited datasets published elsewhere. In this way, the 33 contributors to this special issue not only provide critical analysis of an evolving ecosystem ; many also model exemplary data sharing attitudes and behaviors that are essential to its survival.


  • Going Beyond Availability : Truly Accessible Research Data by Wendy Walker and Teressa Keenan
  • Data World Does Not Lack Standards by Michele Hayslett

Research Article

  • Data Management Practices Across an Institution : Survey and Report by Cunera Buys and Pamela Shaw
  • Approaches to Data Sharing : An Analysis of NSF Data Management Plans from a Large Research University by Carolyn Bishoff and Lisa Johnston
  • Do You Have an Institutional Data Policy ? A Review of the Current Landscape of Library Data Services and Institutional Data Policies by Kristin Briney, Abigail Goben and Lisa Zilinski
  • Data Sharing Among Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources Scientists : An Analysis of Selected Publications by Philip Herold
  • Hidden Treasures : Opening Data in PhD Dissertations in Social Sciences and Humanities by Hélène Prost, Cécile Malleret and Joachim Schöpfel

Practice Article

  • Supporting Data Citation : Experiences and Best Practices of a DOI Allocation Agency for Social Sciences by Kerstin Helbig, Brigitte Hausstein and Ralf Toepfer
  • Paving the Way For Data‑Centric, Open Science : An Example From the Social Sciences by Astrid Recker, Stefan Müller, Jessica Trixa and Natascha Schumann
  • DataDay ! : Designing and Assessing a Research Data Workshop for Subject Librarians by Andrew Johnson and Megan Bresnahan
  • Making Student Research Data Discoverable : A Pilot Program Using Dataverse by Jennifer Doty, Melanie Kowalski, Bethany Nash and Simon O’Riordan
  • Researcher-Library Collaborations : Data Repositories as a Service for Researchers by Andrew Gordon, David Millman, Lisa Steiger, Karen Adolph and Rick Gilmore
  • Big Things Have Small Beginnings : Curating a Large Natural History Collection – Processes and Lessons Learned by Stacey Knight-Davis, Todd Bruns and Gordon Tucker
  • Using a Data Management Plan Review Service as a Training Ground for Librarians by Hilary Davis and William Cross
  • Implementing a Graduate-Level Research Data Management Course : Approach, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned by Amanda Whitmire

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