Open data and Earth observations : the case of opening up access to and use of Earth observation data through the Global Earth Observation System of Systems

6 (2015) JIPITEC 73, para 1

Publié le 31 août 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

Abstract (excerpt)

Earth observations (EO) represent a growing and valuable resource for many scientific, research and practical applications carried out by users around the world. Access to EO data for some applications or activities, like climate change research or emergency response activities, becomes indispensable for their success. However, often EO data or products made of them are (or are claimed to be) subject to intellectual property law protection and are licensed under specific conditions regarding access and use. Restrictive conditions on data use can be prohibitive for further work with the data.


The proposed paper focuses on the issue of the legal-interoperability of data that are shared with varying restrictions on use with the aim to explore the options of making data interoperable. The paper analyses legal protection regimes and their norms applicable to EO data. Based on the findings, it highlights the existing public law statutory, regulatory, and policy approaches, as well as private law instruments, such as waivers, licenses and contracts, that may be used to place the datasets in the public domain, or otherwise make them publicly available for use and re-use without restrictions.