Data Access and Research Transparency | A Joint Statement by Political Science Journal Editors

Publié le 23 juillet 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

In this joint statement, leading journals commit to greater data access and research transparency, and to implement policies requiring authors to make as accessible as possible the empirical foundation and logic of inquiry of evidence-based research. Please visit for more information.

Transparency requires making visible both the empirical foundation and the logic of inquiry of research. We agree that by January 15, 2016, we will

  • Require authors to ensure that cited data are available at the time of publication through a trusted digital repository. Journals may specify which trusted digital repository shall be used (e.g., if they have their own Dataverse). If cited data are restricted (e.g., classified, require confidentiality protections, were obtained under a non-disclosure agreement, or have inherent logistical constraints), authors must notify the editor at the time of submission. The editor shall have full discretion to follow their journal’s policy on restricted data, including declining to review the manuscript or granting an exemption with or without conditions. The editor shall inform the author of that decision prior to review.