European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures | Draft Version 1.0

Juin 2015

Publié le 30 juin 2015, par Thérèse Hameau


1. Purpose

In the context of the implementation of the European Research Area, this Charter sets out non-regulatory principles and guidelines to be used as a reference when defining Access policies for Research Infrastructures.

While not having any legally binding nature, Research Infrastructures are encouraged to use this Charter as a reference when updating existing or defining new Access policies. In addition, the funding organisations of Research Infrastructures are invited to promote this Charter’s provisions.

This Charter promotes Access to Research Infrastructures in order to conduct innovative research and development, to improve the related methods and skills in the workforce and to foster collaboration.

This Charter moreover promotes interaction with a wide range of social and economic activities, including, as appropriate, industry and public services, in order to maximise the return on investment in Research Infrastructures and to drive innovation,competitiveness and efficiency in terms of use of the scarce resources available.


La Charte