A Catalogue of Standards

Publié le 15 septembre 2011, par Thérèse Hameau

The BioSharing catalogue aims to

  1. centralize community-developed bioscience standards, linking to policies, other portals (e.g. 6,7,8), open access resources (e.g. 9,10) and lists of tools and databases implementing the standards (e.g. 11, 12) ;
  2. develop and maintain a set of criteria for assessing the usability and popularity of the standards, also the interoperability and relations among them ;
  3. foster interoperability, addressing overlaps and duplication of efforts that hamper their wider uptake and interfere with the creation of standards-compliant systems.

The BioSharing catalogue classifies standards into three types :

  • reporting requirements (minimal information checklists to report of the same core set of information)
  • terminological artifacts (such as controlled vocabularies and ontologies to describe the information)
  • exchange formats (to communicate the information)

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