Research Data at Your Fingertips | A Position Paper by the Research Data Working Group

Février 2015

Publié le 25 mars 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

Priority Initiative Digital Information of the Alliance of German Science Organisations

I. Vision 2025

Researchers in all disciplines can access all research data quickly and easily in a straightforward process in order to carry out research at the highest level and produce excellent results. They can collaborate with other researchers and securely store their research findings. Research data are made available in a form that enables and facilitates interdisciplinary and international research.

The publication of research data and software enhances the academic reputation. Researchers are supported in the collection, gathering, entry and management of their data.

Easy-to-use digital infrastructures and scientific and technical information specialists support the complete research cycle.

II. Current Situation : Initial Findings


III. Recommendations

The implementation of the following recommendations will help to provide an adequate research data infrastructure for researchers in Germany in the near future. This is dependent on the scientific recognition of the publication of research data for reuse (in a citable and accessible form) and the consideration of this factor in the evaluation of individuals and institutions.

  1. Nationwide discipline-specific coordinating committees are needed to gauge requirements, identify the necessary infrastructure components, promote their development and expansion, and define relevant policies and standards. Ideally, these committees should have members representing academia, government, research funding and infrastructures. The German Data Forum (RatSWD) may be cited as a good model.
  2. As with libraries and their expertise in the provision of literature, the long-term provision of research data requires the establishment of trustworthy, legally binding organisational structures. Ideally, specialist research data centres should be established and developed.


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