Accroitre les connaissances sur les données de la recherche, sensibiliser à leur importance et favoriser la réflexion autour des problématiques qui y sont liées.


RDA for the social sciences

"The Research Data Alliance (RDA) currently hosts over 60 Interest Groups and more than 30 Working Groups consisting of experts who are working on various topics related to (open) research data (...)

Report Proposes Recommendations and New Framework to Speed Progress Toward Open Science


"While significant progress has been made in providing open access to scientific research, a range of challenges -- including the economics of scientific publication and cultural barriers in the (...)

Public Review of DDI 3.3

"The DDI Alliance ( is pleased to announce the Public Review of DDI 3.3. This version of the DDI specification includes important updates and new content, including: (...)

How do universities support research data management ?

"Tutorials are intended to support researchers in research data management. We have looked at the services, materials, guidelines, self-study courses and the like that universities offer their (...)

OpenMinTeD : A Platform Facilitating Text Mining of Scholarly Content

LREC 2018 Proceedings

Abstract The OpenMinTeD platform aims to bring full text Open Access scholarly content from a wide range of providers together with Text and Data Mining (TDM) tools from various Natural Language (...)

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