Public draft of the open data maturity model

Publié le 9 mars 2015, par Thérèse Hameau

In partnership with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), the ODI has been developing a maturity model to help assess how effective organisations are at publishing and consuming open data.

We are pleased to launch a public draft of the model and invite feedback on it from the wider community.


Since November we’ve run a series of requirements workshops to explore this idea in more detail with representatives from 10 different organisations, including members of the Defra network and the wider open data community.

The results have been used to create a maturity model that will help organisations assess their maturity as both publishers and reusers of open data in several areas :

  • Data management processes
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Customer support and engagement
  • Investment and financial performance
  • Strategy and governance

The draft model consists of two components :

  • An assessment grid that identifies the key elements of the model and the steps towards maturity.
  • An supporting guidance document that provides more detail on the structure of the model, the activities described in the grid and some notes on how to undertake an assessment.