Web25 : The Road Ahead

20 et 21 janvier 2015 - Berlin, Allemagne

Publié le 10 décembre 2014, par Thérèse Hameau


The core themes for APE 2015 are :

  • The Communication of Scientific Results
  • The Road Ahead ? We have celebrated Webat25, but what comes next ?
  • The Future of University Presses
  • US Policies for public access to scholarly publications and data
  • Mandatory Licenses : Are author’s rights being infringed ?
  • Is Peer Reviewing a Publisher Value Add only ?
  • Reliable Quality and Reproducibility and of course there are new Dotcoms to watch, Projects to discover, the APE Lecture and so on…

The APE Conferences aim at a better understanding of scholarly communication and the role of information in science, education and society. They encourage the debate about the future of value-added scientific publishing, information dissemination and access to scientific results and offer an independent forum for ’open minds’. Participants have enjoyed this very open atmosphere in the Academy of Sciences at the famous Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin Mitte. Participants are : academic, educational, scientific, technological, medical, legal and professional publishers, university presses, researchers, authors, editors, librarians, teachers, learned and professional societies and associations, funding agencies, politicians and policy makers, subscription agencies and booksellers, recruiting agencies and technology providers. APE Conferences provide an inventory and show the way ahead in a collaborative effort involving all stakeholders. At the same time they are open for a review of new enabling technologies that may cope with new requirements and also look at sustainability given the changes of behaviour. In and between the private and the public sector there is still no complete understanding of the economics of electronic publishing and of the various functions in the value chains. This is an ongoing discussion. Coherent indicators are needed to measure the actual use and value of scientific information as a basis for future funding in the public sector and for investments in the private sector. As always there will be a lot of time for discussions and meetings with friends and colleagues.


APE 2015