ORCID Reaches One Million Identifiers

Publié le 19 novembre 2014, par Thérèse Hameau

I [Laure Haak] am thrilled to announce that ORCID has issued its 1 millionth identifier. We have reached this milestone two years after the launch of the ORCID Registry through the collaborative effort of researchers, Ambassadors, and member integrators. Thank you !


Here are some of the ways you, the ORCID community, have contributed :

Researchers have been submitting ideas and comments to our iDeas Forum. We’ve been releasing a number of new features based on these comments, including a BibTex importer, delegate functionality, and soon, a new user interface that supports sorting and editing, and helps users manage multiple versions of works. Keep those ideas coming !


Member integrators have driven both adoption and financial sustainability of ORCID. Publishers have been integrating ORCID identifiers into manuscript submission, review, and production workflows. Funders have been integrating identifiers into common CV platforms, and grant application and award workflows. Universities have been integrating identifiers into thesis submission, staff onboarding, faculty profiles, research reporting, and access management systems. We are also seeing integration of ORCID identifiers into data repositories, research metrics systems, and peer review platforms.