Link your ORCID record to your funding !

Publié le 6 mars 2014, par Thérèse Hameau

It goes without saying that funding is essential for research. Perhaps less well-recognized is that funding awards are an important component of a researcher’s record of contributions. ORCID now provides researchers the tools to link their ORCID iD to their funding awards. Together with efforts by funding organizations to integrate ORCID identifiers into grants application and post-award reporting workflows, these tools will support the claiming of existing and new funded awards.

To facilitate linkages to existing funding, we have created a form with fields that are consistent with the CASRAI dictionary, and added ÜberWizard, the first search tool in the ORCID Registry specific for grants, developed by ÜberResearch. To ensure that funding information is unambiguously linked to funding agencies, we leverage CrossRef’s FundRef Registry of funding organizations.