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Integrating ORCID identifiers at universities and research institutions

21 et 22 mai 2014 - Chicago, États-Unis

Publié le 28 février 2014, par Thérèse Hameau

The Spring 2014 Outreach Meeting will focus on ORCID adoption and integration in the university community. We will showcase outreach and engagement programs, successful efforts to create ORCID records for faculty and students, and embedding of ORCID idenifiers in a variety of university systems. We encourage university administrators, research officers, CIOs, CTOs, graduate deans, librarians, and technical developers to attend to meet your collegues and learn how to benefit from integration of ORCID identifiers.

The first day will feature presentations from universities that are incorporating ORCID identifiers into their researcher information and personnel systems, repositories, and thesis deposit workflows. Professional associations will demonstrate how they have been integrating ORCID identifiers into their publications systems, membership renewal processes, and other workflows. ORCID staff will provide an international overview of ORCID outreach and integration, and review new features and plans for 2014.

The second morning will focus on the creation of ORCID identifiers by universities. Differences in institutional culture necessitate a locally relevant approach to integration of ORCID identifiers, and institutional leaders will share their approaches to policy considerations, decision-making, business planning, and communciations strategies. We will conclude the meeting with technical demonstrations.



The ORCID Codefest 2014 is taking place concurrently with the Outreach Meeting. The Codefest offers technical developers a chance to meet the ORCID technical team, learn about our development resources, and collaborate to create new tools that leverage ORCID identifiers. The Codefest will start after lunch on Wednesday, and we encourage developers to attend the morning sessions of the Outreach Meeting to learn about ORCID. CodeFest projects will be presented on the second day of the meeting, and participants will have the opportunity to vote for the best new project. Prizes will be awarded !


ORCID Outreach Meeting